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b2_164 published on No Comments on b2_164

i_CD-mangaCD: I was trying so hard not to use the word B****, because its going to probably raise the rating unnecessarily. But dogs felt…. weak, in english. Originally, 2M was planned as a “M” rating, but later due to considering how wide the audience is around “M” and “R” ratings, I decided to cut it down to mature Teen again.

i-Max-2MMax: Is that why we went with flea bag at the end?

i_CD-mangaCD: Dog is not out of the picture yet. Though flea bag has some fond connotation, I think it suits the particular people group I am trying to describe here. These warrior slaves have identity issues. XD I wanted to draw people group who don’t look like people. This part of my take on fantasy genre is slightly different from the norm. In 2M world, everyone is human, the non-human species are just obviously non-human, no furries, no half-human like race nor elfs. But there are spirit guardians.

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