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b2_90 published on 2 Comments on b2_90

Hope this helps clear up any curiosity and confusion about the language of Heart and River’s people! Feedback about their speech habits is welcomed! Accuracy and authenticity, with understanding, is wanted! 🙂 If you know a language other then English then you probably understand their speech habits a bit better with “I” being understood (meaning it is known but not mentioned) such as the case in English when we sometimes don’t use “You” [ex: (You) Go to the store.].



AH Lakota! I was wondering why the language sounded so familiar. I’m half Chipewa-Sioux-Cree so I’ve heard a bit, then I moved to Minot where a lot of Natives live, and I’ve heard a lot more. It’s interesting to hear them try to talk about computers in their native tongue!

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