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Bonus_chibi_Yehweh published on No Comments on Bonus_chibi_Yehweh

Elysse: Sorry for the long silence! If you follow Mayshing on Patreon or Tapas you’ve been in the loop of things happening. Here’s a quick run down:

Mayshing: After a long time burnout I’m finally regaining my pacing (on top of getting married in 2018!). I have reworked 2Masters’ outlines and estimate it to now be around 8-9 books, a big shrink from the original 25 books. This is much more doable in my spare time (Half a book takes a year on part time basis even if I am consistent, estimating around 20 years to finish at this rate).

After a lot of thinking, which included the possibilities of turning 2M into a game, I decided it should remain in its original form: a manga for the public. The black and white version will remain but I will apply a brown monotone for variation. For patrons, my team and I will start working on a full color version at a much higher quality (available later for public purchase as a book/pdf)

As of Spring 2019: I have found some more stable jobs, which will allow me to cut back on doing freelance commissions and do more comics again, my mental health also recovering well.  I am looking to wrap up some freelance work in 1-2 months and then have one extra day to work on products like Edepth, 2M and Mystic Shenshu to stock up pages.

I am also considering to do all comics in full color now to keep up with the changing comic market, looking to let Elysse take 50% of Patreon and product sales for helping with managing communities, story editing and coloring. At present she is my flats and prep colorist for E-Depth. (She also colored this!)

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