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Finally got to toning… and put it back on this dusty old shrine… Vol3 will look soooo different…. Mayshing: SHAMELESS PLUG! This manga is now Supported by patreons on https://www.patreon.com/mayshing Free Patreon watchers get 1 page ahead $1+ patreons get multiple pages ahead, update when I have them. For limited time only: All new +$1… Continue reading b2_187

Guest Comic: Pun-ishment

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<< Read Right to Left! Featuring guest comic by studio member Elysse, aka Cinna Monroe! Featuring some morbid and wordplay humor to bookend the closing of Book 2! (Sorry Gramps! We love you even though you were a minor character used as a plot device!) If you can’t guess from the username, she is a… Continue reading Guest Comic: Pun-ishment


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Elysse: Sorry for the long silence! If you follow Mayshing on Patreon or Tapas you’ve been in the loop of things happening. Here’s a quick run down: Mayshing: After a long time burnout I’m finally regaining my pacing (on top of getting married in 2018!). I have reworked 2Masters’ outlines and estimate it to now… Continue reading Bonus_chibi_Yehweh