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Relaunching 2Masters 2021

Relaunching 2Masters 2021 published on No Comments on Relaunching 2Masters 2021

Patreon Gaselle requested to see Heart and River do something together, and they would totally care for the eagles together. Everyday. Love the request.

CD: Well, I don’t have a date yet, but as E-depth is finally wrapping up and scheduled to end in 2021 April (hopefully). I’m looking to relaunch 2masters and make it fully colored this time. As comic print market shrinks, and online colored comics taking over, I think it makes perfect sense to do fully colored comic, I found a way to make it doable for me and Elysse.

We will stock up on pages and release at least 20 pages to patreons first then resume online update monthly, once we stock up enough to update weekly, we will begin to resume weekly update.
I have done a lot of selection work during the break, so the story has cut down from 20 books to roughly 10, hopefully we will keep at a schedule of 6 pages a month, we will aim to finish it before I turn 70 years old. lol

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