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Bonus_chibi_Yehweh published on No Comments on Bonus_chibi_Yehweh

Elysse: Sorry for the long silence! If you follow Mayshing on Patreon or Tapas you’ve been in the loop of things happening. Here’s a quick run down:

Mayshing: After a long time burnout I’m finally regaining my pacing (on top of getting married in 2018!). I have reworked 2Masters’ outlines and estimate it to now be around 8-9 books, a big shrink from the original 25 books. This is much more doable in my spare time (Half a book takes a year on part time basis even if I am consistent, estimating around 20 years to finish at this rate).

After a lot of thinking, which included the possibilities of turning 2M into a game, I decided it should remain in its original form: a manga for the public. The black and white version will remain but I will apply a brown monotone for variation. For patrons, my team and I will start working on a full color version at a much higher quality (available later for public purchase as a book/pdf)

As of Spring 2019: I have found some more stable jobs, which will allow me to cut back on doing freelance commissions and do more comics again, my mental health also recovering well.  I am looking to wrap up some freelance work in 1-2 months and then have one extra day to work on products like Edepth, 2M and Mystic Shenshu to stock up pages.

I am also considering to do all comics in full color now to keep up with the changing comic market, looking to let Elysse take 50% of Patreon and product sales for helping with managing communities, story editing and coloring. At present she is my flats and prep colorist for E-Depth. (She also colored this!)

Guest Comic: Pun-ishment

Guest Comic: Pun-ishment published on 2 Comments on Guest Comic: Pun-ishment

<< Read Right to Left!
Featuring guest comic by studio member Elysse, aka Cinna Monroe! Featuring some morbid and wordplay humor to bookend the closing of Book 2! (Sorry Gramps! We love you even though you were a minor character used as a plot device!)

If you can’t guess from the username, she is a lover of play on words/puns… meaning this comic should come as no surprise. In her words: “There are three kinds of people: Those who love puns (and possibly abuse them), those who totally ignore/don’t understand puns, and those who hate them with a passion and would murder anyone who utters them. You can guess who is who in this comic.” Also yes, that is a total Skyrim joke reference.

(Which to spoil the fun of the saying “took an arrow to the knee”… it actually means a man got married apparently! So the Skyrim NPC probably did in fact get married but many people don’t know that meaning and took it literally, or he did in fact take an actual arrow to the knee… maybe both! But Lead for sure got a literal axe to the calf)

Let’s Move

Let’s Move published on No Comments on Let’s Move

This was originally posted in 2016 but I’m moving it here since it fits after this scene and to use as a buffer between the chapters, or rather book 2 to book 3.

The situation regarding the production for 2Masters remains the same: The comic will stay as once a week updates as it is competing with two other comics, E-depth and Shenshu. To be able to balance time to do updates for all means just doing once a week updates for each series.

If milestones are met on Patreon, I can increase the volume of pages I put out due to the financial support. More backers = more money = more pages. Currently, that sadly isn’t the case and the focus can only be enough to balance all comics. Three comics is a lot on one’s plate and I hope you all understand and I thank you for your patience as sometimes one gets shifted to the back burner due to work load.



b2_187 published on 1 Comment on b2_187

Finally got to toning… and put it back on this dusty old shrine… Vol3 will look soooo different….

Mayshing: SHAMELESS PLUG! This manga is now Supported by patreons on
Free Patreon watchers get 1 page ahead
$1+ patreons get multiple pages ahead, update when I have them.

For limited time only: All new +$1 patreons can get a sketch request. 😀 Because… fun, why not?


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