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Yes, still alive and working

Yes, still alive and working published on No Comments on Yes, still alive and working

CD: I know I know… I really want to update pages too into vol3, currently still working on sketching ahead to make sure the story is done, I am just hitting vol5 along with my mommy duties while shortening the story so it’s – finish-able. lol I DO PLAN TO START UPDATING VOL3 this year… X_X Oh gawd. So sorry it’s taking so long.

You can see previews of future stories being $1 patreon, or you can see me and Cinna grinding away on projects including the game and anime on our channels.


Sept 2023 Update

Sept 2023 Update published on No Comments on Sept 2023 Update

Hullo, hullo!

We’re pleased to say Chapter 3 has now been completely uploaded in color!

We’re still in the middle of rendering colors for Chapter 4 and will update here once the entire chapter is done. In the meantime Volume 4 is well into its sketch phases while Elysse/Cinna is presently cleaning up and doing the flats for chapter 7. For our Tapas fans we hope to upload Chapter 3 colorized there soon.

We can’t say when we’ll resume brand new updates for the series but hopefully early to mid next year. Thank you all for your patience and we hope to catch you on Discord, Twitch and even Youtube (@AltabeStudio) where we feature various cast members doing skits.

You can catch Mayshing (@mayshing_vtuber) and Cinna (@CinnaMonro3) on Twitch working on various projects including 2Masters!


Vol 3 sneak peek

Vol 3 sneak peek published on No Comments on Vol 3 sneak peek

CD: Last update in Jan?! Sorry I meant to update once per month but still failed at it. But have no doubt, Cinna and I are actively working on the manga, we are currently stocking up pages.

I am prioritizing story sketches first in order to speed up overall production, then going to create some assets to give later story a faster pump out. I  don’t want to take 20 years to finish this series, so some time taken to do proper setup will be important.

Be sure to stop by patreon or our streams to get more advanced sneak peeks.


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Jan 2023 update

Jan 2023 update published on No Comments on Jan 2023 update

CD: I finally added Sharon’s profile, Isaac’s is coming up when he actually shows up. We are getting a buffer done right now and hopefully will resume site update with new pages soon. If you would like sneak peeks before we update, come by our streams. lol We are hard at work on our production almost daily. 😀 Feel free to join us.

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