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Guest Comic: Pun-ishment

Guest Comic: Pun-ishment published on 2 Comments on Guest Comic: Pun-ishment

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Featuring guest comic by studio member Elysse, aka Cinna Monroe! Featuring some morbid and wordplay humor to bookend the closing of Book 2! (Sorry Gramps! We love you even though you were a minor character used as a plot device!)

If you can’t guess from the username, she is a lover of play on words/puns… meaning this comic should come as no surprise. In her words: “There are three kinds of people: Those who love puns (and possibly abuse them), those who totally ignore/don’t understand puns, and those who hate them with a passion and would murder anyone who utters them. You can guess who is who in this comic.” Also yes, that is a total Skyrim joke reference.

(Which to spoil the fun of the saying “took an arrow to the knee”… it actually means a man got married apparently! So the Skyrim NPC probably did in fact get married but many people don’t know that meaning and took it literally, or he did in fact take an actual arrow to the knee… maybe both! But Lead for sure got a literal axe to the calf)

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