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In the future, even machines will need an angel,

and one girl is there to fill in that job position,

her name is Angel Love. Her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.

CD: E-Depth was meant to be only 150 pages…. YEAH. It’s basically an experiment gone wrong. Now it’s a big giant…. monster, I have a tendency to make overly complicated story when it’s supposed to be simple! The idea started up with “OH! I am bad at doing sci-fi, why not try to make myself better at it?” and “OH! The nurse caring for bad tempered patients in china is really cool. I will tell a story like that, ” to love the unlovable,” that kind of story moves me.

AND then “what if the unlovable is actually really rich and out of reach?” Sure that could be a challenge.

And now I am in a mess with this running soap opera of cyborgs family trying to kill each other.

Angel: Don’t worry, CD! You broke your record of 240 pages of full color with Edepth Angel. That’s worth celebrating.

 Lien: And my good-for-nothing-messed up father is inspired by all these random thoughts…

CD: Ah ha ha ha, you will always have a messed up father, Lien. Seon, the main villain in the story is a prime example of the typical Chinese parenting gone wrong, where the parents treat their child like property. It’s kind of a last generation thing because of all the horror stories I heard. (now I think most children are just loved like prince and princess.)

 Lien: I don’t need any “fathers” from you. CD.

CD: he looks like he wants to kill me.* Sweat drop* ^^b

Angel: Let’s keep this “about” page PG ok? Everyone? XO

 Lien: Fine. I will wait for my chance in CD diary.

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