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KS_Podcast_Interview published on No Comments on KS_Podcast_Interview

Interview with Aaron from Comic Run about the Kickstarter for E-Depth Angel the anime!

You can hear the podcast interview HERE


Just going to say, this interview has some of my most honest thoughts, the ups and downs of the productions, more about difficulties than anything. Every production is a challenge in small and big ways.

Topic Covered:

  • Intro (0-1 min)
  • Why Edepth is turning into anime (2-4 min)
  • Why we are running Kickstarter (4-6 min)
  • The voice actors and how they are chosen (7-8 min)
  • Difficulties in choosing the right actors (8-9 min)
  • About Angel and Angel’s Voice (9-11 min)
  • What fans can take from Edepth (11-15 min)
  • About Lien and Lien’s Voice (16-18 min)
  • Challenges on the voice acting (19-20 min)
  • What’s going into the show (20-21 min)
  • What’s different between anime and manga (23-26 min)
  • Cost of the anime itself (26 min-27 min)
  • Cost of an anime series (27-29 min)
  • Who will do the Animation (29:30-32 min)
  • Challenges on the animation process (32-34 min)
  • About Rewards (35-38 min)
  • Final thought (38-40 min)

PS: At 13 mins in, I am not against “anime violence.” *in case anyone took it wrong…* Pardon my grammar >////<

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