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Yaaaaay update! ^_^

woot~ Good to be back to manga. 😀

I must say, Seon looks quite intimidating on this cover! It’s interesting to see how there’s the nice side who talks with Angel and then there’s this. It would seem it’s this side of Seon that his sons dislike. Also, subtle strings! 😀

I wonder if Seon still feels emotions like laughter and warmth or if he’s blocked those away? As naive as Angel might be, I hope her efforts won’t be in vain.

He does have emotions, it appears subtly with his decision making, though sympathizing with others is not his usual so he needs things spell out in b/w terms. He’s definitely dangerous though, I can’t have Angel make mistakes in the comic she would be dead. lol~ But in the VN that’s almost complete and to be released you will feel that he can really be harmful even to her.

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