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I’m so in love with the comic I just binged read the whole thing and I love how you portray the characters and emotions. ☺️😍

*spoiler alert(sorry)*
The whole situation is so depressing with Lien not even being the original and Darren trying his best not to lose his mind to Seon! Also Angel’s fight to bring the family toghter, I almost cried when I saw that Angel Love had died and when Chris put her the chamber so she could live AUGH😭😭😭

I’d like to see Randy, The purple scientist cyborg and Heart, I love their interactions!!!

I’m very glad for your game I hope you succeed!

I love the back panel… If I could edit the speech bubbles, I might have Chris say “Hmm… Toy”. <3

Chris and Darren fangirl here. I don't think I would even know fear or death if I was dangling like that. Because they so amazing!

Question: How should I count the panels? This comic reads from right to left, so does that mean the top left panel is Panel 1?

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