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Personality: Chattel feels like whatever he does, he has to do to survive. He feels often like he has no choice and things are out of control. He never apologizes for his actions and doesn’t hold back when he thinks something should be done. He has a kind soul though and means well. He also tends to say things before he thinks them through.


Niggle Bearabell

Niggle is shy, nervous, she is very hopeful, she tends to see the best in everyone. She is also a romantic, as well as childish. Niggle is a weap, a wish granter that feeds off of human enjoyment. Weaps live for centuries; Niggle herself is now 605 in age.

Niggle like all weaps is asexual, she hasn’t really been in many romantic relationships herself. Do to this, pretty much the main experience that Niggle has had with love is in granting people’s wishes for it.

            As a result to this, Niggle has an extremely distorted view on love. Since she was granting wishes, all the relationships she has seen were dream like and perfect, so in her mind, love is always good and pure, as well as every aspect of it is good and pure. She sees dating, love and even sex all as the exact same thing and all good in nature.

Marten Matheson

Personality: Marten is rude, but means well. He’s a skeptic, and always thinks the worst. He is never completely happy and always sees something wrong with his life. He has a sarcastic sense of humor and isn’t afraid at all to speak his mind.



Personality: She is polite, assertive, gets hurt easily and has a bit of a short temper. She also tends to rush head first into things and never thinks them through. Veronica is attracted to pet play (she likes to pretend she’s an animal when she makes out with someone). She kind of sees herself as a dog, but Shelly Blue always wanted a pet skunk (Shelly was her old girlfriend, and Shelly is not into pet play at all, she actually thought it would just be cool to have a pet skunk), so Veronica dresses up a bit like a skunk to kind of impress her.


Shelly Blue

Personality: Shelly is supposed to be an average Joe kind of character. She makes friends quick, is pretty easy going, and likes to joke around from time to time. She often though feels people judge her on how she looks and she does have a rather short temper. She is also never afraid to speak her mind.