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2Masters is a fantasy warfare series, in a world ruled by two supreme Masters,
Masters of Heaven, who represents the spirit of freedom and love,
and Master of Earth who is the master of wealth and power.
The Two Masters fight one another and provides completely different philosophies for the living,
and humans who follow them are granted powers.
Thus creating a never ending world war…

CD: Let’s chat about the birth of 2Masters for a little. I started this series since 2001… it was all just roughs of story plots, and this monster took about 3 revisions before I reach my finalized version. Where I have decided, “enough! If i don’t do it now, when will I do it?”

*plays nike commercial… “just do it.”

2Masters world took a while to develop, I meant for this world to be not a reflection of reality, but a reflection of our “minds” So one can take the whole story as an allegory. I suppose.

When you see a desert, it’s meant to say a heart like desert. When you see a city full of coldness, it’s a literal reflection of a city full of uncaring, and cold people.

Max: Soooo what if we see a bunch of large crystals? Does that mean anything?

CD: Any sort of abundance means there’s happiness of the heart. I would say. But large crystal is also my personal dream. lol

Jeremy: What about large animal pets like eagles? Dragons?

CD: Just thought that would be fun since it’s fantasy.

Jeremy: Where in reality they may just have eaten us.

CD: Many people have large pets, like tigers and lions they are still alive. XD

Jeremy: But that doesn’t mean they don’t put themselves at risk.

Max: One thing I don’t get is why the Mamons have masks?

CD: It’s a reflection of society that’s untrue, where the true characters are not allowed to be shown, and everyone chooses their own masks, some wear them, some don’t, some masks are symbols of power.

 Max: Maybe we should explain Yehweh’s side, the magic elements of the series.

CD: Yehweh’s side symbolizes beliefs and philosophy such as preservation of nature, love of others, and the power of the spirits which relates to magical powers, however, the magic power source itself is alive, with thoughts and feelings relating to its user. If the user is in good relationship with Yehweh, his or her power increase. If the user is distanced from Yehweh, his or her power decrease.

It looks like a black and white story when it starts, but I brought in Mosa, who’s a center. He represents the fact the world has 3 sides, not two. The third side is the neutral side. Because in this world, humans and animals are the neutral elements, they can be either on Yehweh’s side, or Mamon’s side. Or the third side is someone who’s on cross roads, a single person can also be the battle ground of BOTH Mamon and Yehweh, like the whole world is.

Mosa: Which usually means tragedy.

CD: Shhh~ Mosa! No spoilers. We welcome our readers to ask any questions to us talking about the series. If you have questions just post in the comments.

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