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Update news published on No Comments on Update news

As we wrap up the steam release, KS promises and deliveries, people are asking, where’s the manga updates!?

GASP, you remember this manga?!
See? I wasn’t expecting people to remember this series…. haha….. I was gonna finish this and let it fade….. into a ball of depression.
ok plan failed, you remembered.

Yessssh…. about that! I was hoping I would be able to keep the updates while doing all the other publishing related chores, but apparently not!

So in about 1-2 weeks I can REALLY free up and do the left over pages. Here’s what I plan to do:

1. finished sketching all the stories into final pages first and update that to site so people see the ennnnd, hopefully by june~
2. color pages slowly via funding avaliable on patreon
3. publish the final volumes onto Ka-blam after finishing all the pages.



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Edepth Angel Pinnochio Murder is released on Steam (PC)

Edepth Angel Pinnochio Murder is released on Steam (PC) published on No Comments on Edepth Angel Pinnochio Murder is released on Steam (PC)

Today is the day! We are launching PM on steam for pc version first!

My apology for mac users we still can’t sort it out, we don’t have a mac for steam on site to test, (getting it at this point is not financially possible.) We have gathered more testers to test on steam client but different bugs come with different users. Getting them all sorted at this point is…. not likely until much later in time. (while playing the game directly on mac is fine)

As PC ver is released on steam today and I am currently working on getting steam key to our backers.
We are also in process of releasing the artbook digitally, and ordered the final copies for the higher tier backers. Here’s a preview of the physical artbook:

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